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AVIYAH© Scriptures - Study Bible - PRE-ORDER!

AVIYAH© Scriptures - Study Bible - PRE-ORDER!

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The AVIYAH© Scriptures - Study Bible are being prepared with the greatest care and in the best possible way, with the aim of delivering a product with the highest level of quality achievable, and therefore, its production time will be WAY LONG !

Our goal for the first printing is NOVEMBER 2023 , so by purchasing during the PRE-ORDER you will guarantee your place in line to get the best and most up-to-date revelations and new understandings of the Separated Scriptures, for a very special price !

We will make a limited number of copies available for those who truly believe in this vision for a promotional price of [ R$150.00 + Shipping ] , and after the PRE-ORDER period, the regular price will be practiced.

We will also offer discounts for packages with multiple volumes during the PRE-ORDER period!

  • Do you know any pastors with a congregation in need of REAL SHAMAYIM MANNA?
  • Want to gift your friends and family?
  • How about funding some copies for those who can't afford it?!

To guarantee Package promotional discounts, just increase the quantity of volumes in the cart; The discounts are as follows:

  • Buying 2 volumes - 10% off final order!

  • Buying 5 volumes - 25% off final order!

  • Buying 7 volumes - 30% off final order!

  • Buying 10 or more volumes - 45% off final order!


It is worth noting that:

By purchasing one or more copies of the AVIYAH© Scriptures during the Pre-Sale period ( which will last until the first printing ), you are agreeing to:

  • The wait of approximately 12 months (1 year) until the receipt of the book;
  • The refund, return and shipping policies;

See below for more details about this project! Shalom!


Over the centuries, scriptures have taken different forms because of the natural ignorance that different languages ​​bring, but also as a result of the political, religious and evil purposes of their often malicious translators. However, as it is written in Acts 3:21, part of the "Restoration of All Things" ministry that will culminate in the second coming of the Messiah Yahusha, is the purification of the understanding of the Separated Words of יהוה (Yahuah) through the correction of these errors millennials!

Therefore, unlike other recent Hebrew versions, the AVIYAH© Scriptures do not rely solely on the problematic Masoretic text as a basis, as it was manipulated by the unbelieving scribes and rabbis, against the true Messiah, our Savior Yahusha!

Almost all versions of Scripture today use the Masoretic as the base text. We, on the other hand, DON'T because Yahusha and his disciples didn't! Furthermore, the Masoretic text has literally hundreds of “anti-Yahusha” wordings, as do most translations from the Hebrew roots which unfortunately are based solely on the Masoretic text.

The AVIYAH© Scriptures restored such verses as they appeared, to the time before the Masoretes applied the changes. The AVIYAH© Scriptures use the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Septuagint (LXX) used by the Messiah while on earth, as well as the Aramaic Peshitta and the Hebrew version of the book of Matthew found in Caesaria Israel. Also part of our base texts is the highly reliable Samaritan / Shomronite Torah, which is not found in any other translation of the Hebrew roots!

And in addition to more reliable sources, the AVIYAH© Scriptures contain the restored Names of the Father and the Son in Paleo Hebrew. Finally the people of Brazil and Portuguese speakers around the world have a translated, distributed and compiled version for the lost sheep of Israel and the disciples of the Messiah in Brazil! The AVIYAH© Scriptures will be one of your most prized possessions for the duration of your life.

Physical specs:

  • Size: 21 x 29.7 x 5.64cm;
  • Weight: 2.5kg (2500g);
  • Number of Pages: 700 pages;
  • Font size: Arial Narrow 10 ;
  • Colors: NO
  • Cover: Hard;
  • Books of the Canon: From Genesis to Revelation;
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