About the Scriptures AVIYAH©;

Here at Scriptures AVIYAH© we are committed to always offering the best products at that special price that fits in your pocket, all of this in line with real-time customer service, where we always prioritize the satisfaction of our consumers.
We emerged from the passion and desire to connect people with the Word of יהוה with the best possible quality and without the need to leave your home.
We are passionate about what we do! We have a team trained and directed to always update our products according to new understandings and new revelations, when they arise!
We sought to fulfill the commandment of our Messiah Yahusha when He commissioned us to take the Kadosh Words of יהוה as far as possible as we were commanded in Matthew/Mattityahu 28. And it is for this purpose that we thank you for believing in the project and also for helping us to take to the farthest corners of the Earth the Good News of forgiveness, teshuvah and salvation in Adon Yahusha!
Shalom shalom;
AVIYAH© Scripture Team.